Kaffir Lime Leaf (Citrus hystrix)

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*Please note this oil is temporally bottled in amber glass 

Elements: Air seed of Fire

Catalyst for: Energetic protection and energetic cord cutting. Supports liberation from limiting thoughts and behavioral patterns.

Chakra Correlation: Anahata (heart, 4th), Manipura (solar plexus, 3rd)

Sacred Syllables: Yam, Ram

Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one become technique–oriented, and delight in the details of working towards practical ends; gives rise to the energy of the specialist, which allows one to establish order and transform one’s environment by formulating findings in a technical manner; allows one to determine which tool would be best utilized in a certain environment. Balancing: allows one to take information/data and create a repeatable process; aids in understanding the environment of Self.

Key Concepts: The combination of air and fire gives rise to the energy of Beneficial Combinations. Air and fire support each other: fire needs air to survive and thrive and air enjoys giving of itself to support fire’s dance. This dynamic promotes the energy of positive exchange—joyful giving and receiving—and mutual support. This combination encourages the release of any energetic exchange that is not wholesome and mutually supportive. Consequently, this supports exchanges of Self in group dynamics, facilitating personal growth as well as the growth of others.

Deity Archetypes: Green and Red Tara, Swift Answers to Prayers & Magnetizing Auspicious Energy to Self

Tara, a fully enlightened Buddha, has 21 classic emanations. If you are not sure which Tara you need, you can call on “all into one,” visualizing Green Tara. Green Tara is the enlightened air element. Invoking her is the purest expression of air, which rules higher love and compassion. She swiftly removes all hindrances from your temporal path and expands your capacity for genuine love. Her energy facilitates compassionate action in the material world, even when it seems impossible to achieve all you need. You see her energy in mythic individuals like Mother Teresa and in hard working heroes who ask for no recognition like Jane Coyle of the Vietnam Fund. Call upon Tara to help you work miracles of kindness on earth.

Red Tara is the Ripener, or Bestower of Maturity. She is ruby red and her specialties are subduing hindrances, protecting from fear and danger, and drawing in auspicious energy. Tara’s wisdom fire is unique: it destroys all the realms of cyclic existence (it was believed that some universes are destroyed by wind, some by water, etc.). Her unique fire holds the power to burn the causes of cyclic existence, karma and unharmonious patterns, which leads to liberation and enlightenment.

Incantation (for compassionate action): Tara, imbue me with the wisdom and strength to be like you, ‘quick like lightning’ in recognizing and aiding others in need, be it hunger of spirit and soul or need on the physical level. Allow me to see the most skillful and swift means of balancing any imbalance. Help me move forward until every one of my brothers’ and sisters’ needs are met with the same standards I require for my Self, be it the need for education, freedom of thought and expression, ample recourses, clean, healthy environments, or safe, positive surroundings that encourage growth. Bless me with the divine sensitivity not to push my understanding of good, but to ask what each individual requires to flourish and honor that as I meet and interact with each new energy.

Animal Archetype: Red Dragonfly. The essence of winds of change; messages of wisdom and enlightenment from the elemental world; communication with the elemental world; stripping illusions and recognizing the truth behind form; belief in divine providence; allowing self to be cared for and supported by this energy.

Suggestions for Practical Use: Use to develop specialization in your desired field, cultivate mutually beneficial outcomes, and clear inharmonious energies. Magnetizes beneficial energies. Excellent for positive group dynamics and organizing one’s thoughts or environment (yes, this does include cleaning out your closet!).  Supports altruistic work, fundraising, and working for causes.

10 ml