Agarwood (Gahuaru buaya) Essential Oil

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*Please note this oil is temporally bottled in amber glass 

Elements: Ether seed of Water

Catalyst for: Introspection, revelation and deep wisdom

Chakra Correlation: Vishuddha (throat, 5th), Svadhishthana (pelvic bowl, 2nd)

Sacred Syllables: Ham, Vam

Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one gain an understanding of and access to the akashic field (ether); aids the mind in perceiving circumstance and environment as a gestalt; promotes open-mindedness and positive boundaries. Balancing: for taking inventory of one’s personal reality, with the intent to understand one’s emotions (water) and how they may be detracting from one’s full involvement with life; removing layers of reflexive emotional states to aid one in being able to be present in whatever is authentically occurring in the moment.

Key Concepts: The combination of ether and water gives rise to the energy of Daring. This is an expansive combination that promotes reaching new heights on all levels. This process begins by looking inward. Ether is boundless space, holding all possibilities, while water, seeping ever downward, connects to and purifies the unconscious and emotional aspects of self, seeking the lowest ground to be contained (paradoxically, the “container” is boundless space or endless expansion). Are their any contracted, distorted or unexpressed aspects of Self that need to be explored, purified and allowed to blossom?

From this inward exploration, one can move outward. Agarwood provides the framework for moving outside of your comfort zone, allowing for dynamic new growth. This may mean achieving new levels of personal success, emotional freedom or loosening one’s current bonds and soaring to new spiritual heights.

Deity Archetypes: Sarasvati, Goddess of Wisdom

This variety of Agarwood essential oil vibrates to a bright emanation of the divine feminine, Sarasvati, Goddess of Wisdom. This archetypal expression relates to the plant’s elemental arrangement of Ether seed of Water. Priya Hemenway writes that Sarasvati “is a water deity and is symbolic of the pool of knowledge that runs parallel to creation. In the form of a river she runs from the mountains to the sea, moving through and nourishing all the realms of human existence.” (Hemenway, Hindu Gods: the spirit of the divine, pg. 86.)

In addition to being a Wisdom Goddess, Sarasvati is also a virginal goddess in the original context of the term, meaning “unto one’s self.” She never had children and she did not favor being married—in fact, she got the boot from Brahma because she could never rally behind the idea of being a “good wife.” Instead, she devoted her time to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of self and the arts, including speech and the written word (skills that facilitate sharing the wisdom and insight one acquires).

Agarwood’s primary element is Ether, which carries the vibration of sound, expression, and the gift of speech, which are believed to be the very source of creation. This aspect of Agarwood amplifies mantra work (sacred syllables) and the ability to use speech mindfully to create one’s reality.

These qualities make Agarwood an excellent choice for determining which path is worthwhile and ushering in, calibrating, and crystallizing new vibrational patterns. An incredible combination!

Incantation: Sarasvati, uttering your very name helps transform mere knowledge into spiritual truth. I appeal to you to facilitate the expansion of my knowledge into wisdom. Support my desire that my heart, mind, and actions always reflect this wisdom and that I understand and become one with universal truth.

Animal Archetype: White Heron. Self-reflection. Other traits include active patience, determination, innovation, self-reliance, balance, self-evolution, independence, intelligence, strength, the wisdom of considering all options, thinking outside of the box, and expressing uniqueness.

Suggestions for Practical Use: Use to amplify communication, effective listening and expression. Use to purify inharmonious emotional states. Use to gain access to timeless wisdom, and for support of artistic expression (music, painting, writing, etc.). Use in mantra, prayer, and meditation practices. Supports being whole unto one’s Self.