Chakra Aromatherapy Misters

We have seven major chakras or energy centers running along the axis of ones spine, each chakra governs a specific aspect of your life.

Each mister is formulated using ayurvedic ideology to balance each center, bringing the gift aspects forward and shifting the shadow aspects into a harmonious state. As you read each explanation know that not all aspects may apply to you personally. Look for the energy that is current in your life and use the chakra mister that applies with intent to engage your deep reality and blossom into all that you are intended to be!

Crown Chakra Mister
Regular price $24.00
Throat Chakra Mister
Regular price $22.00
Heart Chakra Mister
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Solar Plexus Chakra Mister
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Sacral Aromatherapy Chakra Mist
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Root Chakra Aromatherapy Mister
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Chakra Mister Box Set
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