Dilution & Application

Warning! Always properly dilute all essential oils before use

The following ratios are standard in the aromatherapy field. I suggest starting with a half dosage and observing how your body responds, then adjusting the percentage of essential to base oil from there. Please perform a skin patch test before topical use. If body irritation continues to occur even at a low dosage rate, discontinue use topically and enjoy for diffusion and object ritual anointing.

Full body application: 3 to 5 drops in 5 ml (1 tsp) base oil*; 7 to 25 drops in 25 ml (1 fl oz) base oil; 20 to 60 drops in 100 ml (3 1/2 fl oz) base oil. These ratios are guidelines for massage blends or full body application. Each individual is different; some people require an even lower blend ratio, while others benefit from a more concentrated dose.

Body ritual anointing: 1 to 13 drops of essential oil in 1 tablespoon of base oil. These are more concentrated dosages that are applied to specific body areas, with a focus on scent and ceremonial use. Every individual is different, so always be mindful of dosage and how your body responds, and adjust the ratio of essential oil to base oil accordingly.

Object ritual anointing: 1 drop of Tattvas essential oil to 1-3 tablespoons of base oil, depending on the reactivity of the surface you are anointing. Always test a small, unseen area first. When dosage is determined, anoint the object you are working with as you ruminate on the energy you are invoking. If you are anointing an amulet, when you are finished, gently buff your amulet to a shine with a clean, soft cloth.

Ritual Bathing: Essential oils are highly volatile and are not water-soluble, so a fatty base is needed as a carrier before adding them to a foot, hand, or full-immersion bath. The general rule is 1 to 13 drops of essential oil (always be mindful of how it affects you and adjust the ratios as needed) to one of the following bases:

  • 3 tablespoons of base oil.
  • 1 cup of milk (animal, coconut, soy, rice, etc.). Milk’s general energy is nourishing, nurturing, loving, cushioning, and fostering.
  • 1 cup to 1/2 cup of sea or Epson salts with 2 tablespoon of base oil added. Salt’s general energy is purifying, cleansing, clearing, and detoxifying.
  • 1/2 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of salt blended together. This combination supports the clearing away of disharmonic patterns that may hamper the new seedlings one is nurturing to fruition.

Diffusion: Different types of diffusers help invoke different elements (always follow manufacturer’s instructions for operating specific diffuser models):

  • Earth: Any style diffuser, as scent stimulates the earth element
  • Water: Water-based mister
  • Fire: Tea light
  • Air: Aromatherapy nebulizer
  • Ether: Aromatherapy nebulizer

Example of Ritual Use

"Any affect or emotion which in its raw and unaltered form is too intense to be controlled by will alone may need its ritual. Without ritual, such energies may inundate the ego and force it into acting out or into obsessive behavior. Ritual brings about containment and acceptance, control of intensity, and ‘dosage."

– Edward Whitmont

Enlivening Ritual for Invoking Divine Archetypal Energy

The following is an example for invoking the Dark Goddess (Betel Leaf deity archetype—that which consumes to renew) using the personal anointing method of Betel Leaf and Agarwood (Sarasvati – deep wisdom). Remember that this is just an example; you can create your own rituals to invoke the associated archetype, animal and deity with all of the essential oils. Part of the fun is familiarizing yourself with each aspect’s signature and designing the specific ritual needed.

One reason an individual would invoke the energy of the Dark Goddess is to deeply support one in exploring and healing the shadowy, limiting aspects of Self and the corresponding reflexive emotions that keep one enmeshed in that state. This blend allows one to consciously understand and transmute limiting energy into an expression that supports personal growth.


5 ml of Apricot oil

11 drops Agarwood

3 drops Betel Leaf

Assembly Instructions

  1. Take a clean 5 ml bottle (preferably dark glass).
  2. Fill the bottle almost full with apricot base oil, leaving enough room for the remaining ingredients. Apricot oil, in this case, is for stimulating exchange between the subtle and mental bodies, for balancing extreme emotional states, and for making the changes necessary for balance.
  3. Add all remaining ingredients to the apricot oil in the bottle.
  4. Cap the bottle and roll back and forth 12 times in your hands while calling on each plant by name —apricot, Agarwood, Betel Leaf— to come to support you and teach you the gift they each hold. Thank them one by one for their help.

Enlivening Ritual

  1. Wrap the bottle in a dusky cloth.
  2. While gently holding your bottle, invoke the Dark Mother Goddess (or goddesses) that most resonate with you, such as Kali, the Black Madonna, or Lilith, and ask her to enliven your cocktail of oils. Repeat Betel Leaf’s affirmation:

Mother, divine, black and perfect, I call upon you to rip asunder all that is incorrect and give me the strength to hold my position against all opposition, and to call to me all who will support my journey into wholeness and my new way of being. Hold me in the velvet of your arms, feed me and cradle me, as I grow out of your dark perfection. Amen.**

  1. Nestle your bottle on a windowsill overnight so that it can soak in the rich night energy.


Apply, in the following order (bottom to top), to the center of your foot sole, belly, heart, back of neck, forehead, crown of the scalp, and finally, to your wrists for self-smelling, of course! Apply up to 3 times daily; you can use just a few drops up to a dime-sized dab on each anointing area to call the Dark Goddess into your life and actively work with her energy.

If any of your essential oils become solidified, simply microwave for 10 seconds, this is safer for the constituents than using the traditional water bath.

Explore the energetic patterns of base oils here  for pairing with precision with essential oils 


** According to the Kernerman English Dictionary, the word Amen is said to express a wish that a prayer or affirmation be fulfilled. The Online Etymology Dictionary indicates that Amen derives from the Hebrew meaning "truth." In Egyptian mythology, Amen was a deity representing the personification of air or breath (Random House Unabridged Dictionary).