The Five Great Elemental Signatures

To fully understand the vibration being offered by each essential oil or mister, it is imperative not only to read the oil’s or misters profile but also to understand the vibration that gave rise to its elemental arrangement. For example, Galangal is Earth seed of Water; it is this combination of elements that gives rise to Galangal’s pattern of being in synchronicity (water/flow) and being able to benefit from circumstances (earth/gain). To gain a well-rounded understanding of Galangal’s properties one would first read the descriptions of its constituent tattvas (listed below), then read the Essential Oil Profile.

It is important to remember that you too are made from the same elements as the essential oils, and it is this commonality that creates the resonant bridge that allows one to access and be reformatted by the offered vibrational patterns. This sentiment is beautifully reflected in an Ayurvedic root-text, "The essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of the Earth is Water. The essence of Water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being." (Chandogya Upanishad I.1.2.)

All essential oils offered are energetic adaptogens, meaning that they have the ability to create perfect balance in the energetic field. Read the Gifts and Shadow sections knowing that what needs to brought forward will be, and what needs to be balanced will be as well. If a certain aspect of a signature resonates with you, it is beneficial to work with that aspect with focused intent.


To invoke the archetype of ether use our Primal Elements: Ether aromatherapy mister 



Sanskrit Name  - Akasha

Location - Throat

Chakra Correlation - Vishuddha (inner muse/5)

Color - Black

Sacred Geometry - Oval

Sacred Syllable - Ham

"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust." – Rumi

Ether is everything and nothing – All into One. Ether holds the following gifts:

  • Expansive and divine; one’s inner muse. It opens one to spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and being a clear channel—all information beyond the rational mind. 
  • Teaches and promotes the highest expression of Self, understanding truth, and expressing that personal understanding as a lifestyle; true creativity.
  • Understanding gestalts and working with symbolism, myth, and subtle information.
  • Good communication skills and expressing clearly what one means and feels, the ability to really hear what others say, including what is left unsaid.


Too little ether

  • Feeling contracted and immutable.
  • Lacking spiritual connection and the ability to transcend the physical world.
  • Difficulty recognizing and expressing one’s own truth.
  • Difficulty with communication: hearing what others are saying or saying what you mean.

 Too much ether:

  • Feeling spaced out and disoriented, afraid of being alone or lost.


To invoke the archetype of Air use our Primal Elements: Air aromatherapy mister or Air essential oil blend 

Sanskrit Name - Vayu

Location - Spiritual heart

Chakra Correlation - Anahata (heart/4th)

Color - Smokey green

Sacred Geometry - Circle

Sacred Syllable - Yam

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers

within yourself that you have built against [love]." – Rumi

Air is the breath of life. It is the prana that allows us to be animated and vital. Air holds the following gifts:

  • Carries and facilitates positive change, relates to the intuitive body.
  • Promotes curiosity, learning, and flexibility on all levels.
  • Allows the mind to achieve new insight and fresh perspectives.
  • Associated with abstract understanding and dreaming. Air is the element of active dreamers—the visualization of what could be.
  • Promotes freedom from attachments (dogmatic, emotional, etc.).
  • Supports shifting and directing consciousness and swiftness in all forms.
  • Bridges the mundane and the divine to foster love of all types, forgiveness and compassion.


Too little air:

  • Constricted heart center, holding grudges, inability to give or receive love, resulting in a dismal view of life.
  • No personal intuition.

 Too much air:

  • Disturbs the mind and causes difficulty concentrating, thinking things through, or sitting for meditation.
  • The inability to finish projects, scattered energy, being jittery.
  • Poor internal anchoring and being overly swayed by environmental factors.


To invoke the archetype of Fire use our Primal Elements Fire aromatherapy mister 

Sanskrit Name - Agni

Location - Solar plexus/navel

Chakra Correlation Manipura -  (inner sun/3rd)

Color - Dull Red

Sacred Geometry - Triangle

Sacred Syllable - Ram

"Even after all this time / The sun never says to the earth, "You owe Me." Look what happens with / A love like that, / It lights the Whole Sky. – Hafiz

Fire is the catalyst in life. It is the great transformer that consumes to renew. Fire holds the following gifts:

  • Capacity to initiate projects on every level, passion, enthusiasm and warmth.
  • Transmutation of any situation that does not serve one's highest self.
  • As the element in which form first comes into being, fire supports the birth of personal ego—experiences centered in personal identity.
  • Relates to the mental body; the ability to direct personal will; the need to directly act upon ideas in the physical world.
  • Divine masculine, protection, and champion energy.
  • The sensations of bliss, growth, change, increase, and evolution.


Too little fire: 

  • Inability to stand up for oneself or deal with confrontation.
  • Passivity.

 Too much fire: 

  • Arrogance, self-centered attitude, feeling superior; being dominating or believing "my way is the only way".
  • Lack of self control, volatile expression of self, instability, can be consuming and childish, a devouring force.
  • "Hot" issues: anger, being quarrelsome and confrontational.


Sanskrit Name - Apas

Location - Pelvic bowl

Chakra Correlation - Svadhishthana (Chalice of Self/2nd)

Color - Silver or White 

Sacred Geometry - Recumbent crescent moon

Sacred Syllable  - Vam

"Soul serves as a cup for the juice, that leaves the intellect in ruins." – Rumi

Water is the great gateway to all things hidden—the emotions, subconscious, and unconscious. Water holds the following gifts:

  • Feelings, rhythm, understanding natural cycles, the unconscious, subconscious and emotional body.
  • ‘Pregnant waters,’ pervasiveness, creativity, receptivity—allowing self to be filled.
  • Expression of emotional states—the ability to thaw/release frozen emotions (ice/steam).
  • Clean, murky, salty (tears).
  • Rebirth and renewal, empathy, fluidity.
  • Supporting alignment with synchronistic events, grace.
  • The dream and soul medium—allowing one to actively access and work with the collective unconscious and use dreams for personal growth.
  • Divine feminine and working with and understanding all that the divine feminine holds.
  • Feeling contentment not determined by outside circumstances.


Too little water:

  • Emotionally desolate; lacking empathy.
  • Internally brittle, in need of soul or emotional nourishment.
  • Unable to work with or understand dreams.
  • Relying on external circumstances to create feelings of contentment.

Too much water:

  • Consumed by and drowning in emotion, being emotionally tempestuous.
  • Using escapism to avoid life. 


Sanskrit Name - Prithvi

Location -Base of spine/coccyx

Chakra Correlation - Muladhara (root/1st)

Color - Matte Yellow

Sacred Geometry - Square

Sacred Syllable        Lam

"Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." – Rumi 

Earth is the means to create foundation and structure in our lives. Earth holds the following gifts:

  • Stability, security, being grounded.
  • Healing discord located in family lineage and DNA.
  • Determination, patience, endurance, practicality, positive parenting.
  • Acquisition, increase and creating abundance; practicing generosity.
  • Increases Devic communication, one’s "green thumb," preparing nutritious meals.


Too little earth:

  • Being ungrounded, not able to accumulate wealth, or having resources slip through your fingers.
  • Uneasy being in your body; not enjoying the sensual pleasures of being on this earth.

Too much earth:

  • Plodding, heavy, dull, slow, greedy, gluttonous.
  • Being stuck, lacking creativity, overly pragmatic.
  • Being stubborn, entrenched in a way of being, only believing what one can understand with the sense organs.


To explore this topic more and learn a meditation and take a quiz that let's you know what element is active or you need to activate see Chapter 9 (page 120) Self- Study Identifying your Tattvic Arrangement. Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice  

 Alchemical systems to work with this energy: 

Primal Element Aromatherapy Misters 

Tattvas Collection of Essential Oils 

Please note both systems will bring balance to each element bring the gifts forward and shifting the shadow states into the positive aspects