About Us


Candice Covington: Founder & Formulator  

Is a Certified Aromatherapist (ACHS), Healing Arts Master (The Chopra Center), Body & Energy Worker (UCMT), Studied Energy Theory in Bylakuppe, India. Former instructor at Ashmead College (Ayurvedic Theory & Aromatherapy), she is currently Primary Aromatherapist for Chopra Center Events (specializing in esoteric/energy theory). She is the founder of Divine Archetypes, a company whose products specialize in the energetic properties of essential oils and their metaphysical aspects. Her products and teachings, are based upon the energetic properties of The Five Great Elements, Vibration, and Archetypes, facilitating the practice of Consciously Crafting Self.

Candice is a seeker of the mystical, who is endlessly curious about how things work. She travels regularly to broaden her knowledge and feed her hunger to understand the fundamental truths that connect us all.


Curtis Cook: Main Green Thumb & Production Manager
He was born and raised in the green crescent of Willamette Valley, OR and has a profound knowledge and relationship with the Earth. He was homesteading before homesteading was chic and understands the subtle art of coaxing her secrets and nurturing her bounty   

Constance The White Duck: Organic Pest Control & Snack Director
The Chubby White Duck, is in charge of all snacks! From showing her sisters where the tastiest bugs and slugs are. To alerting us what fruit and veg are blighted andmust be eaten by them immediately! She is also, very into yard care and loves to eat all sorts of weeds. Dandelions are a personal favorite.

Beatrice The Grey Duck: Director of Grounds & Garden Affairs

Bea, is a born leader and rallies the troops each morning with her enthusiastic quacking to action. It is impossible to sleep in with her on the job! She then organizes the ladies and leads them to work.


Where We Create

We are located on 38 acres in the heart of a green belt in Oregon.  Only a fraction of this space is cultivated. The rest is wild and home to amazingly diverse flora and fauna.  We believe in conservation and being taught directly by Nature. We do all of our bottling in a 130 year old farmhouse surrounded by Cedar, White Poplars, Fir and various Fruit Trees. Our belief is to bottle Nature one must be nestled in Nature. This not only offers access to many varied vibrations for our Whispering Winds flower/vibrational essence line but also energizes and makes potent all of our products. We hope you enjoy them and as much as we love to make them!  


We start each day with a nature walk to become 'earthed' and connect to the energy of the green mantle   


Making cherry blossom flower essence 


 The sun bidding us good night 


 A bit of Fairy Magic 


We love planting in found objects!  Asparagus crowns are nestled in the rich soil, at their first bloom, we will make our first batch of asparagus flower essences