Lightness of Being Body Oil

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"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep light" - Theodore Roethke

The function of this body oil is to energetically clear cellular memory and energy patterns from the body, in essence creating a blank canvas, for one to create a 'new story' within.

This is a very powerful blend and can be self-applied right from the shower or bath (I do this when I am processing an old way of being and shifting into a new paradigm). I especially recommend taking a salt bath, followed by this blend, if the issue is deeply rooted or acute.

It is also wonderful for the healing practitioner to use in their practice. A few examples on use:

1 - full body massage
2 - applied to marma or acupuncture points
3 - reflexology
4 - Indian head massage
5 - base for applying neat essential oil
6 - chakra balancing treatments

I would like to share why this blend is so dynamic, it is rooted in the plants, that create this function.

Base oils: Fractioned coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil Essential oil: Lavender (from Willamette Oregon) Plant extract: Green tea. Flower essences: Blue flag, sacred datura, desfontania

Coconut oil - This oil deeply nourishes the skin and is readily absorbed. Energetically it promotes endurance, and perseverance for completing cycles, which in turn helps one manifest one's full potential. Also helps to provide strong, steady energy and the ability to welcome challenges and be solution oriented.

Jojoba oil - This 'oil' is really a wax! It consists of more than 70% fatty acids and is primarily monounsaturated. It is very similar to our own sebum, is wonderful for aging skin (or keeping your skin looking youthful). Energetically it supports the highly sensitive/spiritual individual, helps one cope with the mundane. It brings a sense of ease and security. It is grounding and helps one participate in daily life and relationships.

Rosehip oil - This oil is high in gamma linolenic. It regenerates the skin and is effective for reducing scars, burns or stretch marks. Energetically it supports integrating waves of expansion, for having inner-serenity that comes from connection to the divine.

Lavender essential oil - Physical actions: Burns, inflammation, cuts, eczema, headaches, influenza, insomnia, migraine, nausea, nervous tension, infections, arthritis.

Ayurvedic lens: Neutral energy = tri-doshic. This is an ideal oil for all dosha types.

Emotional lens: Cultivates – feeling secure, gentle, compassionate, balanced, reconciled, vital, comforted, acceptance, inner peace, relaxed, emotionally balanced, rejuvenated. Balances – anxiety, stress, tension, mental exhaustion, shock, nightmares, restlessness, trauma, conflict, burnout.

Green tea extract - Provides anti-aging, antioxidant, properties. Supports sagging skin, sun damage, age spots and is high in polyphenols. Energetically is promotes a luminous mind and is energetically purifying. 
Flower Essences

Blue flag flower essence - Eliminates negative, heavy emotions, renews zest for living and brings light.

Sacred datura flower essence - Facilitates seeing beyond ones present view of reality to a more comprehensive, visionary state. When appropriate, it supports us in letting go of a known or familiar reality, such as a relationship or job, without feeling threatened.

Desfontania flower essence - Releases fear of unknown things, allows one to explore new states and phases of consciousness. Break throughs are possible, with increases spiritual strength and discipline. Provides mental stability after shock and trauma. Supports a positive outlook filled with hope.

8 fl oz