Galangal (Alpinia galangal)

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Elements: Earth seed of Water

Catalyst for: Seeing synchronicities and benefiting from them.

Chakra Correlation: Muladhara (coccyx, 1st), Svadhishthana (pelvic bowl, 2nd)

Sacred Syllables: Lam, Vam

Key Vibrations: Gifts: understanding that the body is the present focus of personal consciousness and that cosmic consciousness is not “out there,” but that it resonates within you; being sacramentally rooted in Self and surroundings; knowing that your environment is alive and reacts to your awareness; being commander of your own form and reality; pleasure in being alive. Balancing: achieving the awareness that life does not happen to you; ending internal isolation by merging with the divine and bringing goals to fruition through focused attention and activity leading to abundance.

Key Concepts: The combination of earth and water gives rise to the energy of Fertility. This is a nurturing combination that promotes boldness in following one’s ambitions. Earth provides the firm foundation in which to plant ideas, while water nourishes ideas to fruition, ultimately allowing a harvest. 

Deity Archetypes: Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and generosity and the embodiment of beauty, grace, and charm. Lakshmi is associated with the lotus and is also known by the names Padma, which means ‘lotus,’ and Karisin, which means ‘rich in dung.’ Lakshmi’s names reveal the rich energy she offers. The lotus teaches that stages of development and growth are required to reach the sweet-smelling full bloom of self. The lotus starts its life humbly, in the muck below the water line, and reaches faithfully upward toward the sun until it attains its full expression of beauty. The name ‘Karisin’ speaks to the fruit that can be harvested from the labor of wise action. No matter which name Lakshmi presents under, her gift is the same—one of achieving goals and fulfilling one’s full potential gracefully, opening the way to prosperity through talent, steady work, and a little luck!

Incantation: Lakshmi, your grace is like the full blooming lotus. Please endow me with your attributes and blessings. Shower wealth into my life and bring this light by the ripening of my talents and understanding of the correct expression of my gifts. Please open the lotus in my heart and take away the darkness of self-doubt, stagnation, fear, and procrastination. Allow every breath I take to be one of grace, allowing me to move forward in beautiful expression.

Animal Archetype: Otter. The elements of earth and water are primordial feminine energy; remember that both men and women house this energy. Otter is at home in both of these elements, and is an expression of the divine feminine in her bright manifestation. She holds the energy of being playful, creative, exploratory, joyful, beautiful and grace-filled. She not only celebrates her own good fortune, but also celebrates the unique talents of others. Since otter is not competitive or jealous, she is open to the many opportunities life offers her. She is the “way bringer” and, as she allows events to unfold naturally through the flow of divine support, she is always where she needs to be at exactly the right moment.

Suggestions for Practical Use: Use to support taking projects to fruition, for aid in the development of talent, and for being in alignment with beneficial circumstances. Supports non-competitive exchange, Self-love, and loving being in your body. Nurtures grace of spirit (social graces) and movement (good for dancers, etc.).

10 ml