Massoia Bark Essential Oil (Cryptocarya massoia)

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Caution: It is critical to perform a skin patch test of massoia bark essential oil before use. In some people, the sesquiterpene lactones in this oil can cause contact dermatitis, often with serious complication, such as inflammation of the skin, possibly over the entire body, and shortness of breath. Though massoia bark does carry some risk, temper your caution with common sense. As chemist and aromatherapist Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D., notes, with regard to essential oils with a high potential to cause sensitization, 'to entirely take these oils out of circulation or to advise a user to avoid them completely is equivalent to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Use at 1 % for topical application (1% Dilution Rate = 5-6 drops of essential oil in 1 fl oz carrier oil), not for use in the bath. You may diffuse or make a mister at any strength you desire. 


Elements: Earth seed of Water seed of Air

Catalyst for: Peeling back the layers of the false self

Chakra Correlation: Muladhara (coccyx, 1st), Svadhishthana (pelvic bowl, 2nd), Anahata (heart, 4th)

Sacred Syllables: Lam, Vam, Yam

Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one understand symbols and the complex nature and layers of information they contain (this includes but is not limited to what Hindu philosophers refer to as maya, loosely translated as illusion, which addresses projections—collective and individual). Balancing: allows one to interpret the rich symbolism that makes up one’s life, including dream imagery; helps one identify projections around oneself to understand the quality of human togetherness at any particular time and place; helps one determine one’s own individual stage of evolution.

Key Concepts: The combination of earth (body), water (emotions/soul), and air (mind/spirit) gives rise to the energy of Structured Dynamism. This energy can be understood as an open-ended and transformative quest that favors unregulated organization through spontaneous order, understanding that true response can only occur in the moment, when all the latent energy of available aspects comes together, allowing a specific dynamic to occur. This concept does not favor a philosophy of stasis with the intent of maintaining the status quo, but instead promotes response and adaptation to needs and actions authentically rising in the moment.

Earth is the sacred vessel, or container, in which spontaneous order may arise, allowing the air and water elements to express new combinations of personal divinity as the need develops, in a safe and grounded way.

Deity Archetype: Mother of Creation

This is a fascinatingly complex archetype. She is literally the beginning, the beauty in-between, and the end. She is the undivided primal waters, the individual expression of this energy, and the energy that ends and reabsorbs its expression for rebirth. In her wrathful form, she provides the means and the way to slay the ego by Divine Knowledge in order to attain moksha (liberation, release). She is known by the names Kore, Demeter, Persephone, Raja Rajewari, Durga, Kali, Uma, The Venus of Wildenorf, to name a few. Each of these emanations gives rise to a specific set of actions that teach an aspect of feminine growth, be it the innocent child, sexual adult, mother, destroyer, or crone.

Most schools of thought believe that Sanskrit is a language of dynamism (meaning possessing great energy or force), and many Hindu schools believe each of the letters represents a form of energy, or a form of the Mother of Creation. Therefore, she is generally seen as the mother of language in her aspect of Kali or Sarasvati. She is pure consciousness and has no permanent qualities. Rather, she emanates in whatever form of the divine feminine is required to stretch, reform, and teach the devotee to achieve an intended expansion. It is therefore believed that the dualistic concepts and rigid forms do not apply to her—she is pure un-manifested energy. This speaks to the concept of structured dynamism: the exploration of what spontaneous combination of Self needs to arise at any given time.

Incantaion: Mother of Creation, you are the root source of life, the undivided primal waters, and the place from which all potential rises. Please help me understand that a multitude of expressions are required in this life and grant me the ability to spontaneously adapt to each moment. Remind me that this is not a false way of being, but truth, as it is against nature to be immutable. Allow me the flexibility of soul to experience all of creation through my being. 


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