You Are What You Eat: Vibrational Nutrition Workshop - In Person

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Most in the holistic health crowd celebrate and have an understanding of the unique vibrations and gifts given from crystals, flower essences, herbs, and essential oils, to bring about dynamic change and desired outcomes.

Although, have you ever stopped to wonder about the magic provided (outside of the physical) from whole foods the Earth so generously provides?  

If so, in this workshop series you will explore, the philosophy of how this works, giving you a concrete foundation for application in your life. In addition, we will explore specific energetic signatures of highlighted whole foods that address everything from the fantastic to the mundane.  You will come to understand how to use these newly added tools, to craft the fabric of your inner and outer reality!


When: Sunday, February 5th

Time: 1:00 Pm

Where: The Lazy Witch Shoppe. 561 S. Orem Blvd, Suite M3. Orem, Utah

Duration: 2 Hours

Capacity: Limited to 15 participants

Workshop Cost: $15.00

Suggested Reading. Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods: $16.99

Instructor: Candice Covington


First Class

Introduction. Deeping Our Relationship with Food, Root Philosophy, and Energetic Anatomy

What you can expect: In this hands-on and tastebud forward workshop

. You will have a chance to explore some whole foods that deepen intuition and open the gates of perception, experiencing firsthand the shifts that occur in the body, mind, and spirit

. After these whole foods have opened your insight and made your mind pliable, we will delve into the anatomy of the subtle-body, and how food impacts, the deep-self and how you can use this information to craft your inner and outer world

. Getting to the root. During the course of this workshop, you will obtain a firm understanding of what Vibrational Nutrition and Energetic Food Signatures are, and how to apply this in a practical manner

. Clipboard, pen, and handouts, will be provided but feel free to bring your own writing tools or favorite journal for taking notes


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What People are Saying 

Food is more than calories and nutrients to be tallied--it is energy and information--and this [course] explores the depth of that understanding on an energetic and vibrational level that can help us understand our own food cravings and aversions and how foods can affect our moods, behaviors, and our spirit. What a delicious delight!"

- Valencia Porter, M.D., M.P.H., author of Resilient Health 


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