White Lotus Absolute - Nelumbo nucifera

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10 ml 

Element: All of the elements

Stimulates: all of the chakras 

Key Vibrations: Growth, soul, spirit 

White lotus holds the vibration of the entire path of enlightenment and is a powerful teacher and guide. This radiant oil first stimulates you at the unconscious level, bringing the desire to become actualized, and then support this path as your budding consciousness learns the lessons offered from each chakral center. Of course, the ultimate goal of this oil is to usher you in to a state of enlightenment. This is an excellent oil to reach for when you cannot quite name what has you stuck, but you need relief, as lotus supports your whole life journey and circumstances. 

PART USED ~ Flowers
EXTRACTION METHOD ~ Absolute Extraction (Hexane Free)
ORIGIN ~ India 

100% VeganOrganicSustainably Sourced