Orris Root Absolute - Iris pallida, Iris florentina

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As a great fish travels along both banks, the nearer and the farther, even so a person travels along both states, the dream state and the waking state. – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Book IV.3:18


Orris root is the rhizome of the Iris flower. The brightly hued flowering head of this plant is named after the Greek goddess Iris, a messenger for the gods. Her vehicle is the rainbow allowing her to travel from heaven to earth bringing messages. Allowing gods and humans to communicate. Iris guides the spirts of women and girls to the after-world, to ensure safe passage irises are placed on the grave, a tradition still practiced in modern day Greece.   

This rainbow oval encompassing heaven, earth and the great below, is stable and self-contained; swirling within are multihued strands of time, and memory, full of energy, dynamic, expanding, and divergent.

A luminous incubator. It is primordial, an ovum in a sea of sperm, the daily birth of the sun out of the eastern waters, supported by the breath of spirit moving along the mystical waters coaxing light and form to emerge. It is the eye opening in a blink with the ability to truly see. It is simple, the mysterious ‘center’, the vessel that holds space, that allows the fingers of time weave storylines into being and undo these same threads.

The iris is what gives the eye its color and energetically the ability to see the hues that make up life that are simply not black or white. Aqueous humor is the clear fluid that fills the space between the lens and cornea, this fluid bathes and nourishes the lens bringing certain perceptions into sharp focus.  

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future, regarded as a whole and exists in the dreaming and woken states.  This is where one starts to ponder: the form behind the form, behind the form.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a scientist, a paleontologist, a Jesuit priest, and all around inspiring human being, described this phenomenon as such:

“First, I noticed the vibrant atmosphere which formed a halo … [that] radiated into Infinity … [and] in which could be seen a continuous pulsing surge.

The whole Universe was vibrating. And yet when I tried to look at the details one by one, I found them still as sharply drawn, their individual character still intact.

This scintillation of beauties was so total, so all-embracing … so swift, that is reached down into the very powerhouse of my being, flooding through it one sure, so my whole self vibrated to the very core of me, with a full note of explosive bliss that was completely and utterly unique.” 1   

I had a similar experience, that opened me to understanding in a different way. I have been asking my whole life for nature to allow me a more intimate way to know her. This was her answer to me:

“When it finally happened, it was unexpected and I was broadsided. I was sitting on my bed reading Jane Eyre when all of a sudden, before my waking eyes, luminous yellow twin buttercup fairies about the size of my thumb appeared and laid down these words in my mind: “We are here to heal you.” They then entered my body through my chest area and I saw many interconnecting light lines in different hues against an indescribable back ground. My awareness was enfolded in this light, in what I am guessing is my energy body, and then true bliss filled my being. I had read about the sensation of bliss, but until this moment I had never felt it personally. I can testify, it is beyond words.”   2 

The divine meets you at same level as your consciousness and my prayer at that time was not so much to understand the Universe as a whole. Rather, the role of the plant kingdom and Mother Nature working within this matrix and how this applies to the subtle complexities of being human.  It makes sense to me my teachers would be fairy.   

Orris Root has an interesting role to play in this paradigm. She gifts you the ability to focus on a point in time, see it clearly without confusion--have it be past, present, or future-- and use it as an anchor point for examination.  

It has been my experience you cannot will an experience such as above, it will happen spontaneously at the most unexpected time, when the divine thinks you are ready. Although you can work with an aspect of this energy complex, that relates to recorded energy lines that come into being through personal thought and experience, in the following way on a regular basis.

Often this revels itself as colored threads of light in your psychoid space (the middle space between psyche and matter) each strand holding information, a specific moment in time and recorded within are living dispositions. Living dispositions do not come into being from their own accord but instead are created by either external events happing to you or generated internally. Where this gets fascinating is after living dispositions come into being, they do ‘take on a life of their own’ and continue to operate in your subtle body. This in turn creates behaviors, often unconscious behaviors, that get played out in the arena of your life, as automatic actions. How they orchestrate you, depends on what is recorded on these light strands. 

What you are looking for at this point is spaciousness, you need time ‘suspended’ as you delve into a first cause that creates a way of being.

This may take some practice and to help you along, I suggest anointing the center of your forehead (this is the physical location of the psychoid space) with orris root + blue berry fixed oil. Once you have done this, close your eyes, let your mind relax and wait for the light strands to appear once they do, pluck the most vivid one with your minds eye and follow it. Here you will find the nexus or first cause of an energy cluster that indeed dictates behavior for you. Then feel into it. Is it something wonderful that you are so happy is operating in you? If so, give thanks and carefully examine each thread or aspects that contributes to the whole. If you are curious about how this affects your behavior follow the threads and see what aspects of your life they influence.

If what you find is a first cause that does not support your wellbeing, it is time to untie the knot. I know this seems abstract but the more you do it the easier it will be. In essence what you are doing is exploring and becoming conscious to the development of successive stages from which a behavior has descended, retracing to the root.    

Once you are holding this nexus in your psychoid space do nothing but feel and listen. If this knot is discordant most likely it was created from the friction of opposites that some part of you could not reconcile. I most often see my hands holding the light knot and I allow myself to be informed about what energies/actions are contained within, words arise in my mind accompanied with body sensations and emotions, at this point it is easy to understand and label. This is an important aspect – you need to able label what you find – or you mind cannot process it. Once you have a clear understanding what each thread has recorded/contains visualize in your mind’s eye untying the knot.  

Since you are working with energy you ‘cannot get rid of it’ you need to repurpose it. If you just ask the living dispositions that are contained within the threads of light where they would most benefit you and ‘hang on’ energetically and follow them, they will show you.

As you carefully untie each experience you unpack or harvest the learning of each, this is powerful knowing to reapply in a different quadrant of your life.

How you know you are successful in repurposing contrary energy is you are no longer triggered by the environmental or internal situations attached to the energy knot. The friction is gone. You can be smack dab in the middle of formally triggering situation and feel not only emotionally good/neutral but have powerful insight/wisdom concerning the situation. This is often accompanied by empathy, alongside acknowledging the disfunction.     

Exploring a positive energy complex, often leads to a profound knowing about the topic and desire to act on your new knowledge.

No matter what becoming conscious to a living disposition is empowering, fascinating, and life changing!


(c) Candice Covington 


1 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin/ The Heart of Matter/HarperOne; First edition 

2 Candice Covington/ Vibrational Nutrition/ Healing Arts Press/One Park Street/ Rochester Vermont