Oakmoss Absolute ~ Evernia prunastri lichen (Organic)

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10 ml 

Scent profile:  Agrestic (a scent that is reminiscent of the countryside) smooth, rich, warm, sweet, woody, resinous, honey-like, hay-like. The forest floor, moss, decaying leaves, fungus, lichen and damp earth notes.  Only smells like oakmoss upon extreme dilution.

Composition: Twenty-four volatile compounds of oak moss distillation were identified, which comprised more than 83% of volatile fraction. The major components were diethyl phthalate, alpha-terpineol, cedrane and linalool. Our oakmoss is IFRA compliant (low atranol content below 100 ppm) without risk of skin sensitization. 

Part Used ~ Lichen 

Extraction Method ~ Hexane Free Absolute

Origin ~ France

Note Classification ~ Base note an excellent fixative. Very thick liquid but still pourable  

Cautions ~ Never take internally