Limited Run - Camellia Cordial Flower Essence

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Her petals hold the spirit of the feminine and the calyx holds the energy of the masculine, who in turn trust and take care of each other. Unlike other flowers the calyx and petals fall at the same time. Unity and unfaltering love between a man and a woman (any romantic relationship). Other key energetic traits are: Longevity, faithfulness and devotion. I used deep pink  flowers and they bring the energy of: passion, desire, and joy in creating a life together 'with hearts on fire'. 

. Mutual trust and care taking in a relationship 

. Unity and unfaltering love 

. Longevity, faithfulness and devotion

. Passion, desire, joy in creating a life together 

Once a year with the first blooms, I make flower essences stabilized in the matrix of the actual plant it comes from (camellia, forsythia, lilac and violet) I price these based on the yield. Read here for more information  

1 oz $45 . This is limited run batch 

Take this essence on top of the tongue to savor not only the energy but flavor