Drink Your Flowers! Our Limited Run Camellia Cordials are Ready

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Many of my flower essences are focused on healing painful or shadow aspects of self. One of the reasons I love the Camellia is her energy is about pure and everlasting love. Her energy feels like a fairytale:

Her petals hold the spirit of the feminine and the calyx holds the energy of the masculine, who in turn trust and take care of each other. Unlike other flowers the calyx and petals fall at the same time. Unity and unfaltering love between a man and a woman (any romantic relationship). Other key energetic traits are: Longevity, faithfulness and devotion. I used deep pink flowers and they bring the energy of: passion, desire, and joy in creating a life together 'with hearts on fire'. 

. Mutual trust and care taking in a relationship 

. Unity and unfaltering love 

. Longevity, faithfulness and devotion

. Passion, desire, joy in creating a life together 

1 oz Camellia Cordial Flower Essence . $45 . This limited run batch 

Take this essence on top of the tongue to savor not only the energy but flavor  

1 oz Camellia flower essence (made in traditional manner) . $18

The medium for this beautiful flower will be a cordial. I love the definition for this word and I do feel my elixir falls neatly into all three categories:    



1. Warm and friendly (you will feel this way) 

2. A term for liqueur (that you need for stabilizing flower essences) 

3. A comforting or pleasant tasting medicine (yes it is)

There are few things more delightful than being able to savor the energy and flavor of a flower on your tongue, the experience is delicate and refined

My flower cordials work on the same principle as regular flower essences: 

Taking a Vibrational Essence is an invitation to the healing process. Vibrational Essences contain the life-force/ archetypal energy released from the object being used, and they have no scent at all. These are vibrational substances which effect a resonance or sympathetic vibration within our being, inducing a gentle change in attitude, consciousness, and/or physical being. Using methods discovered by Dr. Edward Bach of England during the 1930s and by aboriginal peoples in the far more distant past, the flowers and other items release their energy, or vibration, into water, then are stabilized in a matrix (most people use brandy). 

My regular line of  flower essences vibrations are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower 


Once a year with the first blooms, I make flower essences stabilized in the matrix of the actual plant it comes from (camellia, forsythia, lilac and violet) I price these based on the yield 

The Process

Gathering the blooms

This step in elixir making is called garbling and describes the process of removing the stamen, blighted petals, and checking for insect hitch hikers, and finally separating the petals. To complete the entire silver bowl will take me a little over two hours


Getting ready for a hot water bath

Steep for three days, before the last bit of magic, then bottling 




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