Lilac Absolute Oil ~ Syringia vulgaris L. (Organic)

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10 ml  

Energetic Gifts and Archetype: 

Lilacs have a deep rooted history originating in ancient Greek mythology. It was said that Pan, the god of forests and fields was hopelessly in love with a nymph named Syringa. One day he was pursuing her through a forest and she was so overwhelmed by his advances, she turned herself into a lilac shrub to disguise herself *. To Pan’s surprise, he could not find Syringa, but he did find the shrub, because a lilac shrub consists of hollow reeds, he cut the reeds and created the first pan pipe. The scientific name for lilac is Syringa vulgaris, and the name is derived from the Greek word “syrinks” which means pipe.

The color of the lilac depicts in part the vibrational action of the flower, this distillation is from   magenta flowers and brings the energy of soulfulness and passion. In the throes of sexual experience (with the right partner) a person loses their world identity and other than death or religious and spiritual ecstasy, it is the only time we truly let ourselves go completely. A sense of oneness is experienced. This concept is explored in tomes like the Karma Sutra and systems such as high Tantra.  

Our culture bases so much of our lives around what we 'do' and define our selves through our work and judge our worth based on outward accomplishments. Pan or this aspect of Lilac is about 'being' total surrender to a bliss that is beyond the mundane we so often stridently strive for.  

This essential oil connects you to your raw natural self, deeply melding you with nature, profound bliss, divine play, true surrender, being, and the use of sexuality as an ecstatic gateway to the divine.

If you are feeling ashamed about any natural impulse: frustrated, bored, agitated, restless or have a unsatisfying sexual life that does not feed your soul. These are all signs you have been cut off from your deep natural-self. Lilac will help your remember, replenish and make whole what you have lost.   

 * As you may have noticed in Greek mythology nymphs are always turning into plants to avoid some god or another. This should not be read as violence, archetypal language is complex. More along the lines that we as mortals often do not fair well in the raw energy of the divine and these plants are the emissaries from these beings allowing us to touch an aspect of their divinity without being overwhelmed. 


Physical Gifts: 

Lilac Absolute is useful for easing minor pain, inflammation, and unwelcome muscle spasms. This absolute oil is helpful in reducing the presence of uninvited bacterial, viral, and fungal activity, making it excellent for treating a myriad of skin issues. Topical application of Lilac Oil also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reduce skin sagging, promoting glowing and healthy skin.


Our organically crafted Lilac Absolute Oil, is extracted from the delicate magenta colored blossoms of the Syringa vulgaris [Family: Oleaceae], growing on the rocky hills of Bulgaria. Lilac Absolute Oil is one of the most precious and rarest oils in the world and is revered for its immensely sweet and divine aroma, the smell of this oil is authentic, exquisite and intoxicating.

 PART USED ~ Flowers

EXTRACTION METHOD ~ Hexane Free Absolute 

ORIGIN  ~ Bulgaria