Lavender Essential Oil ~ Lavandula officinalis

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10 ml 

Element: Ether

Stimulates: Fifth Chakra 

Key Vibrations: Healing, soothing, cushioning

Energetic Gifts:

Lavender harmonizes more aspects of the human condition than any other essential oil. This remarkable oil encourages you to deeply engage with the world, sharing your unique gifts and light. This oil heals feelings of being overly delicate, withdrawn, or fearful and brings spiritual growth by helping you integrate your experiences, which brings an expanded awareness and perspective.  

Physical Gifts:

Anti - fungal, anti- bacterial  (including Sarcina species, involved in dental decay), anti - microbial. Against ~ acne, amenorrhea, anorexia, burns, cellulite, colic, cough, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, digestion - slow, earache, eczema, flatulence, halitosis, headache, hypertension, indigestion - nervous, infection, insect bites, insomnia, leucorrhea, migraine, nausea, psoriasis, scars, sinus congestion, sores - general, sprains, stress, sunburns, teething - pain, tension - nervous, thread veins, ulcers. * 


Within the characteristic Lavender scent, our exquisite Willamette Valley Lavender Oil has its own distinct nuances of sweet floral, rich green notes, with a rich fatty note that rounds the scent out harmoniously, that hail from the ideal rich soils of Oregon.

EXTRACTION METHOD ~  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN ~ Willamette Valley, Oregon 



 * Australasian: Collage of Health Sciences 2003