Invoking the Archetype of Water (Blend)

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Using this essential oil blend will bring the gift aspects forward and help heal the shadow aspects of the Water Element. This blends also invokes the archetypes listed below allowing you to work with their energy freely and with ease.   

This entire energy complex is birthed from Water

This specific combination, 'paints' the archetypal
patterns of:

beauty – fertility – seduction

playfulness – joy – lightness

and the Qualia of sensuality, creation & emotions.


Sanskrit Name - Apas

Location - Pelvic bowl

Chakra Correlation - Svadhishthana (Chalice of Self/2nd)

Color - Silver or White 

Sacred Geometry - Recumbent crescent moon

Sacred Syllable  - Vam

"Soul serves as a cup for the juice, that leaves the intellect in ruins." – Rumi

Water is the great gateway to all things hidden—the emotions, subconscious, and unconscious. Water holds the following gifts:

  • Feelings, rhythm, understanding natural cycles, the unconscious, subconscious and emotional body.
  • ‘Pregnant waters,’ pervasiveness, creativity, receptivity—allowing self to be filled.
  • Expression of emotional states—the ability to thaw/release frozen emotions (ice/steam).
  • Clean, murky, salty (tears).
  • Rebirth and renewal, empathy, fluidity.
  • Supporting alignment with synchronistic events, grace.
  • The dream and soul medium—allowing one to actively access and work with the collective unconscious and use dreams for personal growth.
  • Divine feminine and working with and understanding all that the divine feminine holds.
  • Feeling contentment not determined by outside circumstances.


Too little water:

  • Emotionally desolate; lacking empathy.
  • Internally brittle, in need of soul or emotional nourishment.
  • Unable to work with or understand dreams.
  • Relying on external circumstances to create feelings of contentment.

Too much water:

  • Consumed by and drowning in emotion, being emotionally tempestuous.
  • Using escapism to avoid life. 

Constituents: Essential Oils of ~ roman chamomile, clary sage, cardamom. Vibrational essences of ~ scallop shell and tuber rose. Blended in coconut and rose hip base  oil. 

To use: Gently roll in your hands calling to mind the aspect of this blend you would like to work with, then anoint your body (the heart, pelvic area, and wrists) to invoke any of the vibrations listed above.