Genet/Spanish Broom Absolute Oil ~ Spartium junceum L. (Organic)

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10 ml

Be careful not to confuse Spanish broom with similar sounding natural products such as butcher's broom, and Scotch broom.

Key Vibrations: Playfulness, joy, delight, unconditional love. 

Energetic Gifts:

Genet primes one for adventure and to be open to the vast horizon of the unknown and be willing to take risks. Helps one see life as an opportunity to play, have fun, and let wonder, magic and the joy of laughter fill your days. Ultimately feeling into the wonder of life all around you and be buoyed up. 

Folk Wisdom:

Increase the efficiency and improves the contraction of the heart muscle, which leads to improved blood flow to all tissues of the body. Supports, the emptying, cleansing, purging and/or evacuation of the bowels. Helps to rid the body of excess fluid, a vasoconstrictor. Promotes deep restful sleep and is a hypnotic.  

Gifts for the Skin: 

Helps lighten dark spots, improves skin luster, reduces the appearance of acne or other blemishes, and the appearance of scars.


An invitingly warm floral, with honey-like sweetness, and nuanced powdery notes.

Cautions: In excess, it can cause renal irritation, effect heart rhythm, and lower blood pressure. Not for use durning pregnancy. Never take internally. 


EXTRACTION METHOD ~  Absolute Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)

ORIGIN ~ Italy