Elderflower Absolute - Sambucus nigra ssp. Caerulea

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10 ml 

The proper and respectful way to approach the spirit of this tree, is to understand she is the physical embodiment of a wise ancient one, holding the energy and memory of the first rooted beings, an oracle, a source of strength and guidance in times of trouble or need.  

An oracle classically defined, is a person or thing that provides wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions, including foreknowledge of the future, inspired by deities. If done through ritual means, it is a form of divination. Elderflowers have a strong connection to the Fairy.

I was a professional reader for many years and most often people would come and ask for a concrete prediction, as if, the world around them wasn’t mutable and in constant flux; not only from their actions but all other actions, including human and nonhuman.  

Even if you start from a clear vantage point at any time there can be a swift change of fortune, because you cannot control outside factors, just react and adjust as needed. This is one of Elderflowers special gifts. When life is confusing, this flower helps you look again and see from a different point of view, often confusion arises because the wrong questions are being asked, one is operating on incorrect assumptions, or another is being deceptive consciously or unconsciously. There will always be varied results if your focus is on controlling environment or another. Where wisdom in action can always be applied is self.

This is a direct link to asking the oracle for help but not to control an outside force but to understand an internal one. The goal here is not predictably nor domination, in fact quite the opposite, the less predictable the individual becomes, rigidity is reduced and spontaneity and creativity are increased. I understand this may sound in conflict of popular ideas, however the emphasis upon the person rather than a specific event, switches the energy from ‘something happening to you’, to ‘you happening to an event’. What skills and knowing do you want to bring to bear?     

This way of working with an oracle, emphasizes your potential for creativity and self-actualization and is deemed as more important than your limitations, idiosyncrasies, and difficulties with social situations, emphasizing your native and learned endowments.

Your potentialities of feeling, thoughts, actions, growth, evolution--the range and variety of experiences and how you interact with various environing conditions--the multiplicity and diversity of experiences available to you. This is inner, subjective freedom. It is the enlightenment of being responsible for the self, one chooses to be. It is the recognition you are emerging process, not a static end product.

I want to emphasis this understanding of freedom, is not a removal from cause and effect but a complement. Freedom rightly understood is a fulfillment of action laid in place, to order the sequence of your life, that will lead to clear results. This type of seeing is the long game but is the most reliable way to craft a future you desire. A path laid by clear sight and built with right action, with wiggle room for divine inspiration and serendipity.

Of course, we are not always in a rational frame of mind and have the energetic ability to manage our inner-self. She will come and shelter when you are need of protection and a soft place to rest, in the past people were cautioned not to sleep under an elder tree for fear you would transport out of time and place to Fairy. Some times that is what is needed – to be suspended out of time and place – held safe and fast in love and protection, until you are strong enough to re-address your problem and have the clarity and energy to work on it.

No matter if you are looking for wisdom and insight to navigate a situation or question or you need to be help fast in love, ask elderflower with respect, love and reverence, and she will aid you.  

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