Complete Tattvas Essential Oil Collection

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Enjoy all 5 Tattvas Essential Oils! When you order this set I include 5 dram bottles of coconut oil for your blending pleasure and a hand out exploring using numerology for making your creations. Please click each essential oil for their full profile.  

Agarwood:  Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one gain an understanding of and access to the akashic field (ether); aids the mind in perceiving circumstance and environment as a gestalt; promotes open-mindedness and positive boundaries. Balancing: for taking inventory of one’s personal reality, with the intent to understand one’s emotions (water) and how they may be detracting from one’s full involvement with life; removing layers of reflexive emotional states to aid one in being able to be present in whatever is authentically occurring in the moment. $22.00

Betel Leaf: Key Vibrations: Gifts: enrichment of understanding through cycles; transmuting disturbances on the mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional level; allowing rebirth into a new form—one more in accord with what has been learned through the most recent expression of Self. Releases consciousness from matter, allowing information stored at a cellular and energetic level to be made known to the conscious mind for use. Balancing: fear surrounding deep behavioral changes and change in external reality; disconnection from instinctual wisdom and body knowledge. $22.00

Galangal: Key Vibrations: Gifts: understanding that the body is the present focus of personal consciousness and that cosmic consciousness is not “out there,” but that it resonates within you; being sacramentally rooted in Self and surroundings; knowing that your environment is alive and reacts to your awareness; being commander of your own form and reality; pleasure in being alive. Balancing: achieving the awareness that life does not happen to you; ending internal isolation by merging with the divine and bringing goals to fruition through focused attention and activity leading to abundance. $20.00

Kaffir Lime Leaf: Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one become technique–oriented, and delight in the details of working towards practical ends; gives rise to the energy of the specialist, which allows one to establish order and transform one’s environment by formulating findings in a technical manner; allows one to determine which tool would be best utilized in a certain environment. Balancing: allows one to take information/data and create a repeatable process; aids in understanding the environment of Self. $22.00

Massoia Bark: Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one understand symbols and the complex nature and layers of information they contain. Balancing: allows one to interpret the rich symbolism that makes up one's life, including dream imagery; helps one identify projections around oneself to understand the quality of human togetherness at any particular time and place; helps one determine one's own individual stage of evolution. $28.00  * please note that this oil maybe sensitizing. Perform a skin patch before topical use and always use a high dilution rate *

Each oil is 10 ml in violet glass