Chinese Rice Flower Absolute - Aglaia adorata - (Organic)

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Element: Prabhava *

Stimulates: Seventh chakra

Key Vibrations: Study, mysteries, thresholds

This profound oil is beneficial for contemplating life's great mysteries and acts as a portal between the temporal and the divine. It is supportive when you are reading philosophy or spirituality books, as it helps you understand how to transform ideas into action. One of the more fascinating gifts that this oil imparts is the ability to hold on to an idea that feels too big, too vast--without shutting down or leaving the the process--until your mind is finally able to penetrate its mystery. 

PART USED ~ Flowers
EXTRACTION METHOD ~ Absolute Extraction (Hexane Free)
ORIGIN ~ Thailand

This translates to mean 'special quality'. Plants (that essential oils are distilled from) occasionally rise above the general schemata for understanding their behavior and have specific qualities that transcend thought, displaying uniqueness beyond general rules.