Blood Orange Essential Oil ~ Citrus sinensis (Organic)

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10 ml  

Elements: Water, with seed of fire

Stimulates: Second and third chakras 

Key Vibrations: Emotional warmth, positive inner child, creativity 

This warming essential oil brings the gifts of being happy, emotionally regenerated, strongly self - confident, and sympathetic. If you are troubled by depression, apathy, an obsessive nature, or if you are healing from emotional abuse, this essential oil will support you 


Due to its potent anti-oxidant properties blood orange essential oil is an excellent aid for the skin as it can help fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, and reduces the appearance of scars and spots. Blood Orange Oil can also help cleanse away germs and support a happy, healthy immune system. It's antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties makes it a dynamic choice for diffusing, hand soaps, body and face washes, and DIY household cleaners.

Blood Orange Essential Oil is valued by aromatherapists for its invigorating and yet calming aroma, and has a fresh, vibrant fruity-aldehydic, citrus aroma that is sparkly, sweet, and slightly woodsy. Blood Orange is considered a variety of Sweet Orange and shares the same botanical name.

The essential oil of Blood Orange exhilarates the senses and inspires a positive outlook. It is a very uplifting essential oil that helps with combat seasonal depression and anxiety.


Our organically crafted Blood Orange Essential Oil is cold pressed from the rinds of the Citrus sinensis fruit and is  sustainably harvested from Italian orchards. 

Main Constituents ~ Limonene 98%

Plant Part ~ Fruit Peel

Origin ~ Italy

Processing Method ~ Cold Pressed

Note Classification ~ Top 

Cautions ~ May cause photosensitivity