Ether Aromatherapy Mister

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This entire energy complex is birthed from Ether

This specific combination, 'paints' the archetypal
patterns of:

This Egyptian Goddess is personified as the entity who set the order of the Universe from chaos at the moment of creation, and continuously prevented the universe from returning to chaos. One can understand her energy as creating form from creative chaos* and holding that particular form, until you are ready to allow it to dissolve and move into your next cycle.

Star Dust
pure potential - matter and energy giving rise to form

and the Qualia of wisdom, truth & expression.

Constituents: proprietary blend of essential oils, vibrational essences of Egyptian sand, lapis lazuli & charged water.

To use: simply shake, mist self and environment to invoke the vibrations listed.

*the gap, void, formless primordial matter, pure potential

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