The Green Mantle - Essential Oils, Absolutes & Blends


Our organically crafted Absolutes are made using modernized technology similar to the ancient method of Enfleurage. The extraction process uses only certified organic solvents such as fixed oils and alcohol to coax the aromatic essence out of the plant material. The resulting bio-available essence, extracted very gently without added heat, captures the intricate aroma of the original plant material, allowing it to be used for true aromatherapy and skincare applications.

If you are use to a hexane solvent extraction this will differ. This methods scent is not as intense and concentrated  - closer to the actual plants fragrance - that I prefer.  Also, superior pourability that does not require being heated to liquify before use. None of that nasty left over chemical residue!   


Our essential oils  are 100% pure, natural therapeutic-grade Essential Oils obtained from organically (when noted) grown aromatic plants and procured from a carefully vetted network of harvesters, farmers, distillers and the most reputed certified suppliers across the world. We have embraced a rigorous quality control standard and all our essential oils are meticulously analyzed in laboratory from our suppliers. 


The most common question I get is, "why are your oils so affordable?" It's because I buy strait from the distillers - so no, wholesale middle man - to add to cost. Not a MLM to pad prices, I am truly a family run business, so a lot of love-based help. Last but not least, I do minimal markups, because it is more important to me to get these unique plant distillations out into the world!