What is Archetypal Aromatherapy?

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The term archetype is coming more into focus in the main stream and I have long been fascinated with this concept. It came into focus for me in my early 30's when I started seeing a Jungian Analyst to explore my rich dream life. From there I was hooked and fell in love with and dedicated my work to exploring my twin loves: archetypes and the plant kingdom 

"Archetypes shape the manifestation of form and behavior, we can look to archetypal manifestations as models of forms and/or behaviors that we wish to embody ourselves ... [archetypes] manifest universal patterns of form and behavior arising from the collective unconscious in a manner that we, as natural born storytellers, can access and understand .... they are the epitome of Source, God, Mother Goddess, the universe - of creation and the power that drives it." - Candice Covington 

The Goddess Maat  

Aromatherapy is the skillful utilization of essential oils which are: plants that are distilled and during this process the active chemicals are separated from the body of the plant. Since we have evolved with the plant kingdom we have receptors that are unlocked by the key of essential oils to bring about specific conditions on all level of being. 

Archetypal aromatherapy falls firmly into the realm of energetic or subtle aromatherapy. If this is of interest to you please check out my latest article in The Echo World magazine exploring Archetypal Aromatherapy and the subtle use of essential oils

If you would like more in-depth information you can explore this concept further in Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice  


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