Vibrational Nutrition Class: Balancing Your Root Chakra - In Person

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The consciousness of a living being is set by the frequency of the matter that makes up the body. Our bodies allow us to engage in the play of nature, as no incarnation can completely worldly or completely spiritual.

No matter what level of light or spirituality you attain, you cannot transcend the human experience if you are embodied. Likewise, no matter how terrestrial you think you are, you are always filled with divinity. So the goal is to experience the balance of energy and matter working together to create a healthy whole, which allows curiosity, play, and exploration here on Earth. 

An incredibly easy way to access these complementary energies is by working with the chakra system. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy, psychic centers that exist not on the physical plane, but rather in the spiritual dimension. The chakras set the frequencies that give rise to every aspect of the human experience. 

The foods we eat have consciousness and provide an energetic blue-print that stabilizes and entrains matter and energy for us when consumed.  

 Come explore what foods balance your Root Chakra



The practical bits!

When: Sunday, February 19th / Time: 1:00 Pm

Where: The Lazy Witch Shoppe. 561 S. Orem Blvd, Suite M3. Orem, Utah

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes  / Capacity: Limited to 15 participants

Workshop Cost: $15.00 / Instructor: Candice Covington

 Sign up here: Vibrational Nutrition  


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