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There are very few things, I find more therapeutic and satisfying than starting seedlings and nurturing them to harvest. Our goal this year was to plant every single thing we buy at market and extraordinary heirloom and exotic varieties we cannot find. Also, I get all googly-eyed thinking about all the Vibrational Essences  I can make

It is incredibly fun perusing seed catalogs, I highly recommend curling up with a brisk cup of tea and reading the  Territorial Seed Company  catalog, the images of the plants are beautiful and the descriptions are rich. It is easy to image how varieties you have never experienced will taste on your tongue. One of the new things we are  trying this year are miniature white cucumbers (yes, I do have a fetish for all things tiny) I plan on eating these on a tiny plate with a miniature fork!  Ok, back to task ….

My other favorite activity is painting tiny dishes to eat miniature food on


We spread a towel out on the kitchen counter, gathered our supplies and started a movie. We opted for Lonesome Dove (as it makes us feel all adventurtie and homesteadie). My job was to write the name of the plant on small strips of paper and tape them to the starter pots.  

 As you can see, we reuse the same pots year after year. No need to rip off lasts years tag, simply layer on top. Do completely cover the paper so the ink will not bleed

Gather your tools: A big bowel filled with potting soil Happy Frog  offers some great options, trowel, seeds, and a pencil. Planting with a buddy makes this even more pleasant, as you can do it assembly line style! I labeled the containers and packed in the soil tightly (use the flat edge of your fist to tamp the soil down) then passed the seed friendly "house" off to Curtis. He then used the flat end of the pencil to poke a hole in the soil. Always refer to the back of the package of the seed you're using for depth (but a loose rule of thumb is twice the depth of the size of the seed) also the seeds planted per container vary see back of seed packet. Add Cucumber Vibrational Essence  to your water before giving your babies a drink. This essence helps with Life Spark and gives your seeds a jumpstart with their birthing process 


Sweet little rappini popping their heads up to saying hello 

it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for most fruit and vegetable starts to mature to the point you can transplant them into the garden. Until then may I suggest dreaming of all all the wonderful dinners to come. Bon Appetit!   


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • Love this post Candice! Makes me want to get to gardening. I have not tried planting seeds yet and I’m guessing I’m a little late here in the south. I don’t know. Regardless, your blog inspires the desire to get out in Mother Nature and grow.
    Your tiny plates are gorgeous! I love to learn about all of your interests. Thank you for sharing!

    Jennifer on

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