New Product! Hyacinth Absolute ~ Hyacinthus orientalis (Organic)

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Hyacinth Absolute ~ Hyacinthus orientalis (Organic)

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Physical GiftsMuscle relaxer, calming and sedative effects, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. Cicatrisant, meaning it has cell-regenerative properties, making it helpful for healing scars. Soothing for irritated skin conditions.

Scent profile:  Floral-fruity, citrus, mothball/animal, honey. Low growing hyacinth bear stalks with many small flowers often purple or “blue as birds' eggs” according to Homer. lacking a significant amount of linalool they are not as 'floral smelling' as some of their relatives. Only smells like hyacinth upon extreme dilution.

Composition: Benzyl acetate, farnesene, indole, octenol, phenylacetaldehyde. 


Part Used ~ Flowers

Extraction Method ~ Hexane Free Absolute

Origin ~ Netherlands 

Note Classification ~ Middle




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