Inviting the Blessings of the Crocus Fairy into your Life

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Spring is upon us and a special harbinger of this season is the Crocus Flower: delicate and strong she pushes her way through snow bringing the gift of a brighter tomorrow 

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Fairy can be understood as the over-lighting deva of plants 

"The word deva is a Sanskrit word meaning “body of light.” Devas work on an etheric level to orchestrate the energies that create form. They hold all of the cellular blueprints and genetic codes for a plant in their memories. Everything in nature is endowed with intelligence and spirit. When we are in communication with the devas, we enter into a deeper relationship with the spirit of the plants. When we are in touch with a plant’s spirit, we are more receptive to information about its medicine.  -Thea

Working with the Fairy or Deva of the crocus flower brings the following gifts

Key Concepts: Harmony, partnership, love, cohesion, expression 

Invoking this fairy brings serenity, joy, and emotional stability. You can call on her energy to integrate all members of a family into a unit. Especially beneficial when welcoming a new child (this can understood as a new project) but is useful when a family begins to fray at the edges and unification is required. If the tensions of being easily upset and moodiness arise, her energy will facilitate the release of these. Her loving and protective energy opens and clears the emotional and mental bodies. 

One of the special boons she offers is, accepting and becoming involved with the world and sharing ones unique talents. Under her auspices she dissolves the limiting energy of needless withdrawal, isolation, self-protection, fragility to the point of personal detriment, and lacking the inner-strength to be fully in the world. 

Of course families are not just formed from sharing birth parents her energy is beneficial for any soul group working closely together. 

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