Divine Archetypes Labor Day Sale! 25% Off All Items

Posted by Candice Covington on

LABOR DAY MEANS a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it honors America's strong labor force, and for others it means the autumn semester is starting and summer is over. For essential oil lovers, it's one of the best times to find good deals. 

We at Divine Archetypes believe in education and consciously connecting with each formula and essential oil to empower the user. Each product page offers in-depth information of the frequency (vibration) of each item, we offer educational pages (see left bar menu) and if you are still thirsty for more knowledge visit our blog .

There we explore topics as far ranging as archetypal patterns, flower essences, essential oils, chakras and plants.   

We are offering 25% off your entire order - explore here  - use code LaborDaySale at check out 

Some of our more popular items

Whispering Winds - Autumn Alchemy Vibrational Essence 

Whispering Winds - Sacred Archetype Vibrational Essence of Lilith 

Whispering Winds - Garlic Vibrational Essence 

Divine Archetypes - Chakra Mister Boxset 

Divine Archetypes - Throat Chakra Mister 

Divine Archetypes - Root Chakra Mister  


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