Archetypal Aromatherapy - Oh, my!

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Using essential oils is a wonderful way to invoke and work with both animal and deity archetypes! It is a very simple, elegant practice, you simply take:

1 dram of base oil in a dark bottle

1-13 drops of your essential oil of choice

Recap and roll gently in your hands

Focus on the energy you want to work with, anoint your heart center, soles of your feet and the crown of your head. Also, apply to your wrists so you may enjoy the fragrance as well. Take a few moments to feel into the vibration and know you have activated the particular energy you have invoked in your continuum. This also makes for a delightful offering. Anoint statuary or any items you are working with as an offering. You may also, leave your bottles on your alter.    

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Sarasvati, Goddess of Wisdom

This variety of Agarwood essential oil vibrates to a bright emanation of the divine feminine, Sarasvati, Goddess of Wisdom. This archetypal expression relates to the plant’s elemental arrangement of Ether seed of Water. Priya Hemenway writes that Sarasvati “is a water deity and is symbolic of the pool of knowledge that runs parallel to creation. In the form of a river she runs from the mountains to the sea, moving through and nourishing all the realms of human existence.” (Hemenway, Hindu Gods: the spirit of the divine, pg. 86.)

In addition to being a Wisdom Goddess, Sarasvati is also a virginal goddess in the original context of the term, meaning “unto one’s self.” She never had children and she did not favor being married—in fact, she got the boot from Brahma because she could never rally behind the idea of being a “good wife.” Instead, she devoted her time to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of self and the arts, including speech and the written word (skills that facilitate sharing the wisdom and insight one acquires).

Agarwood’s primary element is Ether, which carries the vibration of sound, expression, and the gift of speech, which are believed to be the very source of creation. This aspect of Agarwood amplifies mantra work (sacred syllables) and the ability to use speech mindfully to create one’s reality.

These qualities make Agarwood an excellent choice for determining which path is worthwhile and ushering in, calibrating, and crystallizing new vibrational patterns. An incredible combination!

Animal Archetype: White Heron. Self-reflection. Other traits include active patience, determination, innovation, self-reliance, balance, self-evolution, independence, intelligence, strength, the wisdom of considering all options, thinking outside of the box, and expressing uniqueness.


Betel Leaf

Deity Archetypes: The Dark Goddess in her Undifferentiated Form.

I believe that the energetic taproot of all of the Dark Goddess’ manifestations is the Dark Moon. These manifestations include, but are not limited to, Lilith, Palden Lhamo, Black Tara, Hecate and The Black Madonna. In her book Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess, Demetra George provides a beautiful exposition on the Dark Moon. I love her descriptions of the Eight Lunation Phases, particularly what she calls the Depth of Dark and the Dark Dawning, the phases immediately preceding and following the dark moon (also known as the astronomical new moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction):

Depth of Dark

At the Balsamic Phase, the life impulse distills and concentrates the wisdom of the entire cycle into a capsule of seed ideas for future visions. During the dark of the moon, the life force transforms the past into a mutation of the future and makes a commitment to seeding new concepts within old structures. The symbolic seed once again turns back into itself.

Dark Dawning

At the New Phase, the flow of solar-lunar energy emerges, initiates and projects the seed impulse in an instinctive and subjective manner that will fulfill and complete a purpose as the remaining cycle unfolds. In the absence of light, the vision is felt, not seen. The symbolic seed germinates underground. [i]

From an elemental perspective, the Depth of Dark phase corresponds to the element ether (the dark/dry void), which rips asunder, helping to pull apart, dissolve, and undo outmoded patterns of behavior, and offering the distilled and concentrated wisdom of the previous cycle. This occurs in the darkness, in our unconscious mind. The Dark Dawning phase corresponds to the element fire, which acts as a shunt from the unconscious to the conscious, allowing us to harvest that which was sown in the darkness.

Animal Archetype: Snake. Authentic growth, growth through cycles, using potions to heal, the Dark Goddess, deep magic, alchemy, transmutation, kundalini (serpent’s power) and Shakti. Snake’s energy is that of old knowledge and ancient wisdom and is the dynamic experience of radical awakening and shifts in awareness.


Deity Archetypes: Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and generosity and the embodiment of beauty, grace, and charm. Lakshmi is associated with the lotus and is also known by the names Padma, which means ‘lotus,’ and Karisin, which means ‘rich in dung.’ Lakshmi’s names reveal the rich energy she offers. The lotus teaches that stages of development and growth are required to reach the sweet-smelling full bloom of self. The lotus starts its life humbly, in the muck below the water line, and reaches faithfully upward toward the sun until it attains its full expression of beauty. The name ‘Karisin’ speaks to the fruit that can be harvested from the labor of wise action. No matter which name Lakshmi presents under, her gift is the same—one of achieving goals and fulfilling one’s full potential gracefully, opening the way to prosperity through talent, steady work, and a little luck!

Animal Archetype: Otter. The elements of earth and water are primordial feminine energy; remember that both men and women house this energy. Otter is at home in both of these elements, and is an expression of the divine feminine in her bright manifestation. She holds the energy of being playful, creative, exploratory, joyful, beautiful and grace-filled. She not only celebrates her own good fortune, but also celebrates the unique talents of others. Since otter is not competitive or jealous, she is open to the many opportunities life offers her. She is the “way bringer” and, as she allows events to unfold naturally through the flow of divine support, she is always where she needs to be at exactly the right moment.

Kaffir Lime Leaf 

Deity Archetypes: Green and Red Tara, Swift Answers to Prayers & Magnetizing Auspicious Energy to Self

Tara, a fully enlightened Buddha, has 21 classic emanations. If you are not sure which Tara you need, you can call on “all into one,” visualizing Green Tara. Green Tara is the enlightened air element. Invoking her is the purest expression of air, which rules higher love and compassion. She swiftly removes all hindrances from your temporal path and expands your capacity for genuine love. Her energy facilitates compassionate action in the material world, even when it seems impossible to achieve all you need. You see her energy in mythic individuals like Mother Teresa and in hard working heroes who ask for no recognition like Jane Coyle of the Vietnam Fund. Call upon Tara to help you work miracles of kindness on earth.

Red Tara is the Ripener, or Bestower of Maturity. She is ruby red and her specialties are subduing hindrances, protecting from fear and danger, and drawing in auspicious energy. Tara’s wisdom fire is unique: it destroys all the realms of cyclic existence (it was believed that some universes are destroyed by wind, some by water, etc.). Her unique fire holds the power to burn the causes of cyclic existence, karma and unharmonious patterns, which leads to liberation and enlightenment.

Animal Archetype: Red Dragonfly. The essence of winds of change; messages of wisdom and enlightenment from the elemental world; communication with the elemental world; stripping illusions and recognizing the truth behind form; belief in divine providence; allowing self to be cared for and supported by this energy.


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