Weeping Willow Tree Essence

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Weeping Willow Catalyst for: Discernment, untangling, understanding 

Sometimes we find ourselves facing selfish or manipulative behaviors disguised as love, such as when friends or family are overly demanding, become emotionally needy, or seek attention through negative behavior or self-centeredness. In turn, we may become guarded or develop a prickly persona to keep these people at a distance.

Calling on this compassionate dryad can provide you with the energy you need to sever the cords holding you to this entangling mess. In the aftermath she transmutes this energy, providing the feeling of being safe and at peace, deep spiritual healing, and the ability to trust and open up again. If you are the perpetrator of these behaviors, invoking her energy will allow you to practice selflessness, give love freely, respect the freedom and individuality of others, and practice emotional containment.

Our vibrations are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations. 1 oz 

Ideas for use: Take 1 - 13 orally, add to bath or beverage (tea, water, so on), use in essential oil or flower essence blends for synergistic benefits