Safflower Flower Essence

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Key Energies: Knowledge. Consciousness. Synthesis. Spiritual Empowerment.

Using this flower essence encourages us to stand on our own two feet, to recognize and utilize ones own wisdom, to depend on personal strength, to acknowledge and work with ones own good qualities, using these as stepping stones to improve the less good.

At the same time to have the wisdom to know when you need help, to see and make the connections that will support and aid you. This plant has a special connection to the solar creative life force that supports serendipitous events.  

You may want to incorporate this flower essence into your life, to usher the anticipation of miracles in, movement into the light, taking action, passing on blessings and service given from a place of strength.


Our flower essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and taste like sunshine, positive expectations and happiness.

Try taking 1 - 3 drops on the top of your tongue, allowing yourself to really savor the sensation and gifts this plant offers.  

1 oz

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