Massoia Tree Vibrational Essence

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The combination of earth (body), water (emotions/soul), and air (mind/spirit) gives rise to the energy of Structured Dynamism. This energy can be understood as an open-ended and transformative quest that favors unregulated organization through spontaneous order, understanding that true response can only occur in the moment, when all the latent energy of available aspects comes together, allowing a specific dynamic to occur. This concept does not favor a philosophy of stasis with the intent of maintaining the status quo, but instead promotes response and adaptation to needs and actions authentically rising in the moment.

 Earth is the sacred vessel, or container, in which spontaneous order may arise, allowing the air and water elements to express new combinations of personal divinity as the need develops, in a safe and grounded way.

1 fl oz 

Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations