Iris Flower Essence

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Catalyst for: Self-care, kindness, forgiveness

Iris is the daughter of the sea god Thaumas and the sea nymph Electra. She travels on a rainbow made of light and water heaven between heaven and earth, delivering messages from the gods to earth and taking the prayers from mortals to the heavens.

Everywhere she goes, she sows the energy of harmony through kindly communication. As a water goddess she invites you into the realm of emotions. How do you feel? Are you happy? Do you behave in a kind manner? Are your inner needs being met? She takes you deep into your own heart for healing and contentment. This is the practice of self-care.

Once you have opened a radiant space in your heart, you can radiate your happiness and fulfillment back out into the world, and difficulties melt away. In this way Iris also brings the gift of forgiveness and being magnanimous.

Ask Iris to deliver sincere messages from your heart to those with whom you have discordant energy that you wish to heal.  

Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations 

1 oz