Himalayan Blackberry Flower Essence

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Protects against gossip and what I call 'helpful meddling', the individual who swears what ever horrible - fill in the blank activity/action/words - that is to your detriment and indeed causing harm, is "for your own  good." She offers strong protection from this energy. This may occur behind your back causing one to feel a general sense of unease, the information may filter down to you from another. Or even someone doing great harm to your face, smiling all the while. A key energy to understand in this situation, is that even though you are on the receiving end of this malice, you did nothing to generate it. Unfortunately sometimes people are just mean for no good reason. 

This can be very confusing. She helps you see the truth in the situation, untangle the knot of energy and right yourself. 

Key Actions: Protects one from gossip, malicious meddling, interference from another with the intent to do harm. Helps one see the situation clearly and understand how to unravel and right this unfair energy.  


1 oz

Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations