Hedgehog Mushroom Vibrational Essence

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Hydnum umbilicatum commonly known as the Hedgehog or Sweet Tooth mushroom, due to not having gills, but instead delightfully small ‘toothlike’ projections, that looks like hedgehog quills!

Key Traits: Strength and Wisdom of Age

This sagely mushroom reminds one not to act in haste and understanding the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Giving one the patience to penetrate deeply into the heart of the matter. Opens your spirit to consult those wiser than yourself: have it be living elders, those recorded in books, or connecting with the ancestors. Giving you the strength to slow down and consider motives and circumstances (yours and others) in-depth and taking action only after through deliberation.

This mushroom vibrates to the archetypes of the Crone and Winter. To learn more please visit us here


Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and taste like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations.

1 fl oz