Heart Chakra Mister

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Please note using this mister will bring the gifts aspects forward of this chakra and help heal the shadow aspects 

Anahata - Fourth Chakra.

Primal Element: Air produces this center.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. - Carl Jung

Anahata holds the following gifts:

• Color - radiant green or pink 

• All love: unconditional, romantic, veneration for the divine, parent/child, nature/pets, nonattached, universal 

• Fostering forgiveness, resolving conflicts

• Union with others and self, transforming the common into the divine

• Experiencing the divine in self and others

. Grace, surrender, compassion, loyalty

. Genuine concern for others and the desire to foster what is best for them 

Shadow issues:

• Not accepting self, having only conditional love for self and others, rejecting the magic and beauty surround self 

• Being controlling or jealous, demonstrating fear-based affection, using 'affection' to manipulate, not allowing others to change or grow 

• Feeling vulnerable or rejected, not allowing others in, not exposing "the real self', codependent relationships 

• Being critical and hard to please, having an exaggerated view of people (whether positive or negative) 

This mister is a must for opening up to the wonders of the world around us and allowing the ecstasy of creation to fill your being. Ultimately allowing you to be love, give love, and receive love

Essential Oils: Pine, neroli, rosewood, and gem elixir of seraphinite  

2 fl oz