Green Bean Flower Essence

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One of the more fascinating aspects of this slender green vegetable is it teaches natural magic, that allows one to tap into your deepest gifts and dance with them in ecstasy - until what ever that gift is blooms - into the fullest expression of itself.

Furthermore this plant fosters creativity and the fulfillment of desire from a source that is pure and cleansing. 

Green bean also teaches perseverance in the face of obstacles and learning the lesson(s) with as much ease as possible. Softening your struggles and helps you see the value while in process. Allowing you to stop and take a breath and face your own fears, especially the vulnerable aspects that are intensely personal.

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Our vibrational essences are lovingly hand made and are stabilized in elder flower and taste like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations. Try taking a few drops on top of your tongue taking the time to slowly savor the energetic expression   

1 fl oz