Goddess of the Marshlands

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Catalyst for: Clearing confusion, misconceptions, and difficulties; giving rise to release and resurrection. 

Working with the goddess of the marshlands can help you release chronic difficulties arising from past experiences that are stored in the unconscious mind and at a cellular level. Her energy expands your understanding in areas that were previously  incomprehensible and brings to light the hidden fears and motives behind your actions. She holds the ability not only to understand but also release these experiences that have been holding you back from growth, helping you to see that they are in fact patterns of illusion and may be safely cleared. 

In opening an internal channel, this goddess also unleashes  a flowering of hidden talents and allows access to deep inner wisdom. This in turn allows you to connect with a clear understanding of personal truth that lights the the next steps in your life path and grants you the inner strength to act upon this knowing. 


1 fl oz

Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and taste like sunshine, happiness, and positive expectations.