Autumn Alchemy Vibrational Essence

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Autumn, in the turn of the seasons, embodies the energetic pattern of restraint, separation, and refinement. This time of year also holds the vibrational pattern of eliminating what is unnecessary and storing up what is needed for the next phase, winter (rest, introspection, gestation). Autumn is a time for our energy to be drawn inward; it is also a time for evolution through reduction. This means shifting forms or transmutation of some sort.

Autumn offers the energy imprint to form new behaviors, such as being methodical, discerning, scrupulous, accepting, calm, disciplined, honorable, precise, and contently inward.

As nature represents the world of energy through dualism, there is always a flip side to the energy available. The Faeries, nature’s keepers, are historically portrayed as amoral; they are just as likely to offer a boon as a trick. This is a reflection of the elements they keep. Water can nourish or destroy, and the dosage of a plant can determine whether it will heal or poison an individual.

There is nothing inherently good or bad about anything that abides in nature. It is neutral. The worth is determined by how we access the energetic pattern and the intention behind our actions.

The flip side of Autumn energy, which could be labeled as out of balance, is controlling, easily disappointed, disorderly, lacks spontaneity, and has difficulty with emotional expression and intimacy.

One can easily see how being disciplined and precise could morph into controlling behavior or understand that disorder is the flip side of precision. The energy of the mind that arises at this time of year carries these attributes:

analysis, definition, discrimination, and synthesis. These are all helpful patterns as one focuses energy toward going back to school, work, or just turning that energy inward for self-exploration. A summery of Divine Archetype vibrational essence of Autumn:

• teaches the alchemical act of changing the form of matter into something new and beneficial;

• opens the mind to being analytical, defining, discriminating, and synthesizing;

• teaches being methodical, discerning, scrupulous, accepting, calm, disciplined, honorable, precise, and contently inward;

• helps one overcome patterns of being controlling, easily disappointed, disorderly, lacking spontaneity, and having difficulty with emotional expression and intimacy.

Autumn Affirmation

As the bare bones of a tree are revealed in Autumn, when all of its foliage has fallen away, so too is one’s true nature revealed in the energy of autumn, as untruths and projections that have camouflaged the true self also fall away.


Please remember using this vibrational essence will invoke all the energy listed above. You can fine tune this by focusing on particular aspects that you want to invite into your life 


1 oz 

Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations