Torch Lilly & Honey Bee Flower Essence

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Our red hot pokers or also known as, torch lilies, are a favorite for our local bee population. Such an interesting combination of energies. Bee's bring the energy of joyful production, working in community, cultivating sweetness in life though your own actions, and in the case of the  fascinating short story  by E. Lily Yu The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees a bit of rebellion if your state of affairs are not in line with your heart.

Torch lilies are dynamic for those who have been abused physically, emotionally, or mentally and this abuse has resulted in the inability to feel. When the door has been slammed on, open communication, trust, and the warm interchange that occurs between individuals; and the ability to reach out to others is absent and one has retreated to some cold fortress deep within oneself. This essence breaks down the barriers and opens one up to warmth and caring from others so that healing can occur. 

The combined energy of torch lily and bees heavily promotes warm interchange between individuals, building relationships, and community. This essence is for anyone who wants to break out of a isolated reality and enjoy the company of others. 


1 oz

Our essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flowers and tastes like sunshine, Hope and Happiness