You Can Do It - Labor Day Sale! 20% Off Full Order

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Welcome and Happy Holiday! 

In keeping with the indomitable spirit of Rosie the Riveter our holiday sale is dedicated to all souls who have the desire to keep going until it is done. I love the following definition and would like to share it:

"Something indomitable can't be beat. People described as having indomitable spirits don't need pep talks or protein shakes; their strength comes from within.

The adjective indomitable starts with the Latin prefix in, which means "not." The second part of the word is also from the Latin word domitare, meaning "to tame." So the word literally means "not able to be tamed." Indomitable is often teamed with the words spirit or personality to describe someone with a can-do attitude." 1

Although, it is perfectly sensible to ask for help when needed. We offer support with a wide range of energetic tools that address all aspects of the human condition. 

We invite you to explore those here Divine Archetypes 

Enter Code - No White After Labor Day Sale! - at Check Out for 20%  off full order. Celebrating the energy of "not able to be tamed", in spite of the above admonishment, I will be wearing white long after labor day. Dictionary







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