White Birch Vibrational Essence

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This beautiful Birch grove is in my side yard and watches over me. I have come to love this grove very deeply. To invite these gifts into your life White Birch Vibrational Essence 

White Birch (Betula alba)


Key Traits: Bringing light into the darkness, deep purification, expanding your appreciation of beauty and your own inner radiance, emotional succor, protection and a profound sense of calm. An expression of the divine feminine.

Divine Archetype: Brigid; Lady of the Forest/White Goddess

Birch has been traditionally used in Native American sweat-lodge ceremonies, whose purpose is deep purification of the spirit (subtle bodies). This vibrational essence of birch has the same effect on the spirit as the living tree has in dreary winter landscapes, brining radiance into the darkness. This essence also enhances your ability to experience beauty and remain calm.

In Russian folklore, as well as in Norse and Germanic cultures, the birch itself is called Lady of the Forest. Many cultures attribute qualities of nurturing, mothering, renewal, and protection to the white birch tree. The nourishing, caring birch is an age-old symbol of the White Goddess, and the Germanic rune berkana, “birch” stands in part for protection.


Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations 

1 oz 



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