Whispering Winds Vibrational Essence of Old Mans Beard

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I am making my latest vibrational essence Old Mans Beard today! I love exploring seasonal plants¬†ūüćɬ†they often hold the "key" or perfect frequency to aid humankind in the collective turn of the cycle. I feel this plant is such a blessing on New Years Eve as we prepare to shed the past and invite in the new¬†ūüćɬ†

On sale. Normally $18. Now $14.50

This plants vibration releases one from clinging to old fears, letting one move forward without any baggage of the past. Gives one the ability to stay in the present and act in the present. With release of the old fears the energy drain that has been occurring to keep these fears alive is returned to nourish ones growth and well being. Inner peace. Shifts, clinging to old fears, being tired, sapped, and unable to stay present.

Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and tastes like sunshine, happiness and positive expectations. 1 fl oz


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