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She Came at Night and Bade Me: Let Me Enter Your Home 

The common theme in all alchemical-based traditions, including the method we are exploring, is that the goal is to release consciousness from matter or to unbind our awareness from the fetters of projection. To release our “inner-knowing,” we must purify the obstructing overlay of calcified energy. This undertaking is called “tattwa shuddhi or purification of the subtle elements,” which ultimately facilitates moving beyond one’s own limited awareness and aids in the process of accessing the deepest layers of composted energy from which one is built.

Although we have a great deal of freedom in personal choice and can mindfully engage with each new layer of understanding as it unfurls, the complication often lies in dealing with energies we cannot consciously name. How does one recognize existing energy patterns and identify the ways in which they influence one’s life?

We must learn to see and interpret information that the unconscious provides to us through archetypal symbols:

"Tattwas [The 5 Great Elements] are “psychic circuit boards” that are astrally wired into the unconscious (reservoir of Archetypal feelings) and the subconscious (memory storehouse); the Tattwas are external configurations of internal realities.

The Tattwas build a bridge between your conscious mind and the unconscious substrate, which we float upon, as a ship upon the ocean".  ~ Dr. J. Mumford 

 In this capacity, the tattvas (The 5 Elements) are powerful tools for navigating and overcoming the barriers in human design that prohibit easy communication between our “energetic compartments,” such as the conscious, the unconscious, the subconscious, the subtle bodies and the Akasha. The average individual cannot access these sections of Self at will, and for good cause—personal matter is too brittle to open up to and experience the full intensity of the Divine until it has been purified and made supple.

Consistently working with essential oils and flower essences cultivates suppleness of Self by systematically stabilizing and reinforcing personal matter until it is capable of expansion and easy communication between all aspects. In fact, my call to this work came in the form of a dream that let me know the divine was trying to communicate with me, but, due to the fragility and inhospitable state of my personal matter, I could not “let her in.” (My dream came as an emanation of the primordial Divine Feminine in trinity.)

I dreamt that I came to the seashore and beached on the sand was a humongous, albino blue whale, and I knew she was trapped on the shore until the tide came in to claim her and take her back to sea. Suddenly, I found myself with two mythical sisters in a frail wooden house, with windows with no glass panes, floating on the ocean, floating with the bottom of the house submerged. I looked out the window to see the Great Whale Woman swimming toward me with her two sisters (naked human women) riding on her back. I was terrified she would find me, and I held my breath and closed my eyes. In my dream all was black. Suddenly one of my sisters opened her eyes, and I knew in a flash the Great Whale Woman knew where we were.

I was filled with such overwhelming fear. I opened my eyes and saw the Whale Woman now with arms pulling herself through the window. I wondered how she was going to fit into such a small fragile place and then realized the only reason why she could enter was because of the Water on the floor. I was sure I would be destroyed, due to the overwhelming sensations she brought. Once she was in, I asked her, “Before you kill me, may we have a drink?” Suddenly, all six of us were in human form sitting in a circle, and the Whale Woman had a chalice that she dipped in the ocean water beneath us, and we passed it around and all drank.

This dream really shook me to my foundation and initiated my quest for understanding matter as a mediating factor and what humans need to do to stabilize and open up our circuitry so that our whole of Self can operate seamlessly.

The Divine Feminine never had the intention of causing me harm—just the sensation of my smallness against the weight of her true divinity was overwhelming—but she offered the Element to me to work with as the sacrament to get to know her. Water.


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(Mumford, J. (1997). Magical Tattwas: A Complete System of Self-Development. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publication.)


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