Using the Essential Oil Betel Leaf to Work With Shadow Energy

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Concerning the archetype of  Wrathful Deities

These deities are strong medicine and work with the shadow and difficult aspects of self, similar to homeopathy in that “like cures like”, as when working with the shadow and instinctual aspects of Self one needs a guide who not only resonates to these aspects but has transformed these aspects into highly realized aspects of Self.

These fully realized beings allow an individual who has advance far enough on their spiritual path that they are ready to root out, recognize and transform the deepest most disturbing aspects of Self. It is important to remember every man, woman and child born into this mortal coil, does indeed hold and is manipulated by the shadow aspects of Self until consciously engaged and purified with intent.

This is one reason why they are often referred to as protection deities as they help to protect us from our Selves, not, just the outside world. Although they do that as well! 
Yamantaka and Consort 

One of the primary lessons Yamantaka imbues is transformation. He helps shift the deepest layers of human behavior that manipulate and block our progress, such as out-of-balance sexuality, desire, jealousy, greed, hate or rage. 
Yamantaka’s energy can be likened to homeopathy in that like cures like. He is a gatekeeper into the most deeply rooted aspects of collective karma—the aspects of Self we define as “shadow”—and his assistance is invaluable as we work on these entrenched aspects. Through an alchemical process, one can shift and harvest the wisdom that comes from working with these shadow energies, bringing them into the light of conscious behavior and allowing one to emerge into an increasingly wholesome state of being.
As we prepare for the new year this is amazing energy to work with, to leave behind what no longer serves, and usher in the beauty that can be found all around - within and without! 
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Betel Leaf  click here to read more about the energetic profile of this essential oil 


  • Wow! Thank you Julia Stearns @ Healthirony for taking the time to share your thoughts with me

    Candice Covington on

  • Your amazing insightful information about “Betel Leaf” entails much to me and especially to my peers. Thanks a ton, from all of the essential oil lovers.

    Julia Stearns @ Healthirony on

  • No wonder you are always so sparkly Mr. McGill! I think you will love, love, this essential oil. I am including a dram bottle with neroli, mitti and rose essential oil, in a coconut base oil, that I think will round out the perfect vibration for you to work with this energy. Also, a handout on blending using numerology :)

    candice covington on

  • As I am always working with Shadow…I better get this! Thanks again, Goddess of All Goodness <3

    Terry McGill on

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