Using Essential Oils to Invoke the Archetype of Ganesha

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Ganesha, perhaps the most beloved god of India, is part man (his body) and part elephant (his head), and he is the patron of sciences, arts, and creative activities. He is depicted as a jolly, rotund god who loves sweets and offering boons. Ganesha is also a remover of obstacles; you can call upon him to remove obstacles that may block your path and pave the way with blessings before you undertake any activity.

He aids the mind in perceiving circumstances and surroundings as a gestalt. He promotes open-mindedness and positive boundaries, and he helps you take inventory of your personal reality, with the intent to understand your behaviors and how they could be detracting from your full involvement with life.

Ganesha’s mount is a clever mouse or rat that is able to understand small details and to pass anywhere. This energy denotes the specialization of a skill, the ability to deconstruct something and understand it in detailed parts, as well as the ability to learn about the world around you through your own observations and to thrive in varied environments.

To make your own formula blend: Mitti, champa, rose, sandalwood, frankincense and lotus in romanesco and coconut base oils. To invite this energy into your life. An alternative blend if you cannot find the attars: Rose, sandalwood, blue chamomile 

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