Thyme Red Essential Oil ~ Thymus vulgaris

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Thyme is one of those remarkable oils like lavender that begs the question, 'what can it not do'?  It's numerous medicinal properties have been well known since antiquity. Thyme's essential oil is extracted from its flowering tops and more than 200 pounds of thyme are needed to obtain just 31/2 oz of essential oil.

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'Thyme is is thirty times more powerful against bacteria than phenol, a chemical substance that has long been used as a disinfectant in allopathic medicine and has long been considered to be the ideal antiseptic. Thyme is also one of the essential oils with the most powerful antibiotic properties. It acts with equal effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It can therefore be used to treat almost all infectious health problems, and all the more so because it stimulates the production of white blood cells.'1

My aromatherapy college was based out of New Zealand and they taught as a part of our curriculum, how to take essential oils orally. You may take 1 to 3 drops of thyme essential oil, three times a day, in teaspoon of honey. Please do not take consecutively for more than 7 days. Topically dilute 3 to 5 drops in a teaspoon of sweet almond oil (or base oil of choice) before applying to skin. Be aware you must dilute before use. To clean topical surfaces use 1 tablespoon of essential oil and 1 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, in 2 oz of pure water. Shake before use.  

Of course, this is a dynamic oil to diffuse in the air, to benefit from it's many properties. The name thyme from the Greek is derived from the word meaning to fumigate, Pliny writes about it being burned to purify the air. It is also suggested that thyme comes from the Greek word thumus meaning courage.  In antiquity, the smell of thyme was considered extremely elegant and it was considered a compliment to be told you smelled of thyme. 

Interested in the energetic properties, call to mind the aspects you would like to work with.   


Key Vibrations: Dynamic action . Justice . Protection   

Energetic Gifts:

This oil is a keeper of the fiery masculine principle (yang energy) and offers the energy of: action, will, movement, force, strength, and protection - in the role of serving and protecting others. Promotes clear and focused will, determination and fearlessness, even if much effort is required. 

Physical Gifts:

Anesthetic, anti - aging (skin health), anthelmintic (used to destroy parasitic worms), antibacterial,  anticatarrhal (helps dissolve and eliminate, as well prevent the formation of mucus and inflammation of the mucus membrane), anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, antipyretic (helps prevent or reduce fever), antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-viral (some strains), antizymotic (inhibits enzymatic action), bactericidal, cell proliferant (encouraging only healthy cells to grow, not scar tissue), disinfectant, diuretic, Insecticide, germicidal, sedative - nervous system, stimulant - respiratory system.  Against: Anemia, anger, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, boils, breath -stale, bronchitis, bruises, burns, candida, carbuncles, cellulite, chills, circulation - slow, colds, colitis, constipation, cough, cuts, depression, dermatitis, diarrhea, dizziness, eczema, fatigue, fever, flatulence, fluid retention, fungal infection, gout, gums - infected, headache, impetigo, influenza, insects bites, insect stings, itching, kidney - infection, muscles - aching, rheumatism, roundworms, scabies, sinus - infection, sprains, throat infection, stomach - distended, sweating - profuse, whooping cough, wounds. *       

Cautions: Do not use during pregnancy, and breast feeding. Ask your doctor about use if you have liver damage, avoid with hypertension, must dilute and perform skin path test before use.   

Interesting Facts: Red thyme comes from the still without further processing. White thyme has been rectified and redistilled. Thyme and lavender like growing together in the garden as companion plants.     


This oil has a sharp, penetrating, medicinal scent, with familiar pleasing notes of thyme.  

EXTRACTION METHOD ~  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN ~ Hungary  


MAIN COMPONETS  ~ Carvacrol type 


*Australasian: Collage of Health Sciences

1 Copyright (c) 2004, 2014 by Editions Jouvence. English translation (c) 2018 by Inner Traditions International. Christopher Vasey, N.D. Pg. 94


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